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1. Background

The Shares2share facilitates the donation of listed securities towards charity. Investors with odd lots may find Shares2share particularly attractive as some may find it cumbersome to manage their odd lots, owing to the cost of disposal that may be high comparable to its value. The Shares2share enables investors to donate their listed securities in a convenient manner, for the benefit of society and the environment while contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal blueprint for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

2. Objective

3. Yayasan Bursa Malaysia (YBM) : Shares2share Administrator

Donations towards Shares2share will be managed and monitored by YBM. YBM has received approval under subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 so that donors who donate cash to YBM and who receive official receipts for their donations (Tax Receipts) may claim a tax deduction for their donations.

The Shares2share administrator, YBM, will perform the following functions:

4. Eligible Listed Securities for Donation under Shares2share

All listed securities will be allowed for donation to Shares2share EXCEPT the following:

5. Donation Models

Donors may choose to make either one of 2 types of donations.

Model 1

Under Shares2share, donors can donate their listed securities without the need for Tax Receipts.

Shares 2 Share - Model 1

Donors will transfer listed securities to YBM's CDS account, and proceeds from the sales of the donated stock will be given to charitable organizations by YBM.

Model 2

Donors who prefer to receive a tax receipt for their listed securities can do so through Shares2share.

Shares 2 Share - Model 2


Under Model 2, the donor will transfer the listed securities to the donor's Participating Organisation's designated exempt authorised nominee (EAN) account. The beneficial ownership of these securities will not change because they still belong to the donor.


With the donor's consent, securities transfer information will be shared with YBM for monitoring purposes. The objective of monitoring is to enable YBM to liaise with the PO for the disposal of the securities. If donated securities are in odd lots, they will be accumulated with other odd-lot securities of the same counter and sold only if a full board lot is achieved. Donated securities will be accumulated on a first-in, first-out basis.

6. Charitable Organisations

Charities must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for Shares2share funding:

Selection Criteria:

Approved Charitable Organisations

No Name
1 Cancer Research Malaysia
2 Hope Mission Welfare Society of Teluk Intan Perak
3 Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation
4 Mercy Malaysia
5 National Cancer Society Malaysia
6 Pertubuhan Kebajikan Mental Selangor
7 The Pure Life Society
8 United Voice
9 Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia

7. Participating Organisations of Shares2share

The following participating organizations will facilitate the necessary steps for clients to transfer listed securities into the EAN account of Shares2share by opening an account on behalf of their clients:

No Name
1 Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd
2 AmInvestment Bank Bhd
3 Apex Securities Bhd
4 BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd
5 CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd
6 Hong Leong Investment Bank Bhd
7 Inter-Pacific Securities Sdn Bhd
8 Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad
9 MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Bhd
10 M & A Securities Sdn Bhd
11 Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
12 Maybank Investment Bank Bhd
13 Public Investment Bank Bhd
14 RHB Investment Bank Bhd
15 TA Securities Holdings Bhd

8. Selection Committee (SELCOM)

To ensure that the funds received under Shares2share are administered with independence and transparency, YBM has established an independent Selection Committee (SELCOM) to make key decisions regarding the usage of the funds.


The SELCOM shall deliberate, decide and be responsible for the following:

SELCOM Members

Name Designation
Datuk Hj. Faisyal Bin Datuk Yusof Hamdain Diego Member, Board of Governors of Yayasan Bursa Malaysia and Chairman of SELCOM
Dato' Anad Krishnan a/l Muthusamy Public Interest Director, Bursa Malaysia Bhd
Shareen Shariza Dato' Abdul Ghani Sustainability & Development Committee (SDC) Member, Bursa Malaysia Bhd
Ruzi Rani Ajith CEO, CGS-CIMB Securities
Gan Kim Khoon Head of Equities Market, AmInvestment Bank
Shahril Azuar Jimin Chief Sustainability Officer, Maybank & Co - Principal Officer, Maybank Labuan Foundation
Faroze Nadar Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB)
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