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This book dissects the potentials of blockchain technology to transform the way we live and conduct business. The book is divided into three sections: 1) the basics of blockchain technology; 2) the possible areas of transformation using blockchain and 3) the implementation challenges of blockchain. Whilst the book delves into the potential wide-reaching benefits of blockchain technology, readers should treat this book as a point of reference rather than a prescriptive guide. I would highly recommend this book for beginners who want to gain a basic understanding about blockchain technology.


If you feel trapped where you are right now, perhaps this book will shed a light. Sometimes, the more senior and experienced we are, the more delusional we may become. This book highlights that the same beliefs that contributed to our past successes could also hinder our future successes. Divided into 3 sections - 1) The 4 success beliefs that could hold us back 2) the 20 ineffective habits of leaders and 3) the 7-step approach to permanent change, this book is a great reminder on the importance of soft skills in achieving success. More importantly, building credible work relationships is important because the higher you are in an organisation, the more your success hinges on making other people successful and effective. I personally prefer the 20 ineffective habits section in this book. Some of the points are well crafted and illustrated by stories and anecdotes that are easily relatable to our daily life. I would highly recommend this book to everyone to grasp some ideas on what are holding you back and the list of soft skills that will help you achieve your next success.


It is an uplifting book, that gives a refreshingly different perspective of the future from the gloom and doom outlook we are bombarded with. The world is full of resources. We could use our ingenuity and integrity to distribute it fairly. One resounding statement from the book emblazons my mind, 'Abundance is not providing everyone on this planet with a life of luxury - rather, it's about providing all with a life of possibility.' My favourite chapter, Chapter 4, it's not as bad as you think, describes 'moaning pessimism', hits the nail on the head that we get drawn into the spiral trap of 'things are going downhill' and Armageddon. No doubt, this could be due to our cognitive biases. We could consciously self-remind that the sun is still shining on earth. It is a book that speaks to both literature lovers and empirical seekers. The book starts with a pleasant read of facts and anecdotes and ends with a wealth of empirical, on happiness and equality, on reducing poverty to armed conflict and worldwide energy investment.


Are you ready to unlock the magic within you and unleash your potential? Spread across 7 chapters, this book highlights a self-development practice that will enable you to reach for your goal, cultivate self-love and live your best life. To manifest means to make something happen. I am inspired by the author's journey to manifest. Often than not, we do not dare to move forward due to our limiting beliefs. I love the author's phrase in the book - 'You are the designer, curator and architect of your life. You always have the power to rearrange, alter and dictate how you want it to look'. You control your own destiny and the choice is in your hands.



Four Thousand Weeks

The Organized Mind

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